Inside the Extended-Range Electric Truck

Driving on Electricity

The eREV powertrain by VIA Motors enables larger 4WD vehicles to drive the first 40 miles in all-electric mode with near zero emissions, and a full range of 400 miles on a single fill-up. For most drivers, this means up to 100 mpg in typical local daily driving. It’s exciting to drive-with more torque, the electric truck outperforms the gas version.

The New eREV Powertrain from VIA Motors

Designed for how we drive

With 40 miles of battery range, most drivers won’t burn any gas in a typical day. Driving 50 miles in a day, 40 miles on batteries and 10 miles with the help of the range extender, the typical driver would average about 100 miles per gallon in gas fuel economy. When driving over 200 miles in a day, the eREV truck still gets significantly better fuel economy than the gas version vehicle.

Better gas fuel economy than a Prius™ with the payload of a pickup

VIA’s eREV powertrain is ideal for America’s fleets, cutting fuel costs by up to 75%, while dramatically reducing petroleum consumption and emissions. Recharging daily, the average driver could expect to refill the gas tank less than 10 times a year rather than once a week. It offers all the advantages of an electric vehicle, without range limitations. Working with vehicle manufacturers, VIA is now delivering eREV trucks to government and utility fleets.

The powertrain works in a variety of vehicles

VIA Motors eREV Powertrain is applicable to a large variety of light trucks and delivery vehicles. VIA Motors’s eREV powertrain was designed to work in popular light trucks such as the GM Silverado, the Ford F-Series, and the Dodge Ram series trucks.

Plugin Anywhere

Plug it into a standard outlet or charge in half the time with a 240 volt outlet or charging station. A full charge costs less than $2, or about 5 cents a mile. In addition, VTRUX qualifies for a $7,500 federal tax credit and thousands of dollars in additional clean fuel credits in several states.

Unlimited Range

Say good-bye to range anxiety, this is an electric vehicle with unlimited range. VIA’s trucks and vans drive up to 40-45 miles on batteries then continue up to 350 miles or more with the van, and 400 miles or more with the truck. It generates its own electricity using a fuel-efficient onboard generator or “range extender.”

Power Export

The VTRUX power export option provides 14.4 kW at 60 amps of onboard mobile power. This provides mobile emergency power to keep facilities online, run tools to power a job site, or power your home during an outage.