VIA Motors is a Technology Company Delivering “Green Logistics Solutions” ​for Commercial Fleets

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  1. VIA Motors is a technology company delivering “Green Logistics Solutions” for commercial fleets.
  2. Dedicated to clean energy vehicle drive train development, including leading vehicle Software & Controls solutions and vehicle integration.
  3. VIA’s systems software & controls solution allows VIA’s technology to be deployed across a broad range of vehicle platforms from light duty to Class 8 Trucks.
  4. Controls and software architecture enables seamless integration with emerging Autonomous Driving system platforms

Gen II Control Architecture (HCU 2.0)

  • Flexible for multiple drive systems (EV, PHEV, HEV)

  • Autonomous Drive systems integration capability




Vision: Electrify the world’s logistics vehicles.

Our mission is to accelerate the transition to “Green Logistics Vehicles” through electrification of commercial fleets, which will reduce their operating costs, improve their environmental footprint, and ensure their continued access to major urban centers.